5 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems Homeowners Face

air-conditioning-image-1Several factors can result to a malfunctioning air conditioning. Brisbane homeowners who have this kind of system in their house are bound to face a related problem eventually. We have provided a list below if you want to know the most common problems that you may likely face. Having a basic understanding of what these will give you a good idea as to what a technician is talking about in case you reach a point when you have to discuss air cooling-related problems. It would be best to read on if you have a cooling system at home. Finding a company or a professional that can handle problems like these would be the next thing that you have to find if it is malfunctioning.

Defective Wiring

This is one of the main causes of fire accidents. Using defective wirings in a cooling system can endanger the lives of those using it. These wirings may have been faulty because they were made from haphazard and uncertified materials. Always remember that a bad wiring may prevent the entire system from getting power. It may even lead to a tripped circuit breaker. Defective wires may also be caused by natural wear and tear.

Loud Noises

There are also cases when your AC is producing loud banging or wailing noises. This could mean that the fan belt is dislodged. Fixing this problem can be pretty easy. However, since this is a high-powered electrical appliance, it would be best to hire a technician that specializes in air conditioning. Brisbane homeowners need to make sure they hire the most reliable one within their area. Always remember that system must not be turned on unless the problem is fixed to avoid causing further damage.

Bad Odour

A cooling system emitting bad odours is also a common problem encountered by homeowners. An air conditioning companyor expert would say that this issue may be caused by various factors. It may be due to the growth of fungi, mold, mildew. The pungent smell outside or small dead animals in or near the system could also be the cause. Any of these aforementioned factors behind the bad smell would require you to get your system serviced right away.


Leaking Refrigerant

Another problem is a refrigerant leak. Many homeowners are usually tempted to add more refrigerant as a temporary solution. However, this is actually not a good thing to do because they would just end up spending a lot of money. Plus, doing this would lead to dangerous consequences. To fix this, you need to hire an expert in air conditioning. Brisbane residents should get in touch with a licensed and reputable technician who can provide high-quality services. Until such time that a repair technician arrives, it would be best to isolate the system by turning it off at the safety switch. A refrigerant leak should be handled with care because of the dangers it poses to the home’s occupants and the environment. One kilogram of R410a, which is usually the refrigerant used in air cooling systems, can cause damages to the atmosphere that are equivalent to continuously running your car for half a year.

It Is Not Working At All

An air conditioning system that will turn on is another common problem that homeowners may encounter. The first thing to do is check the batteries of the remote control or manually turn on the AC through its main control panel. The next thing to do is to check whether there is a blown fuse or maybe a tripped safety switch. If turning on the circuit breaker does not solve the problem, then the issue may be more complicated. You might need to call an expert in air conditioning. Brisbane is home to many of these professionals. Just make sure that you hire the best one.